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The Next Step

Months after we launched our Alpha Preview, we are excited to announce the Miko Public Beta! We have expanded the app lightyears beyond a marketplace, listened to feedback, and radically improved the UI and UX.

What's new in the Beta?

Download now

Anyone with an iPhone or Android can now download the Miko app from the App Store (Testflight Beta) or Play Store!

Download the app here:

The updates include:

  • Rapidly responsive Miko AI - ask it anything health related.

  • Intelligent notifications so you never miss a dose.

  • Prescriptions delivered to your door.

  • €25 GP consultations on your mobile.

  • €30 sick notes for work.

  • Broader selection of health, beauty and wellness products.

  • A sleek, more intuitive user experience and interface. No service is more than 3 taps away.

  • The Miko Transparent Product Roadmap which allows users to vote on the products and services they would like us to prioritise.

  • All secured using Touch/Face ID.

Across Ireland

Miko can now be accessed anywhere!

Intelligent notifications

Miko users can now set instant notifications/reminders so they never miss a dose, refill or appointment. Users can also remind themselves to meet health goals, such as to go for a run, eat a piece of fruit or log an entry in their mindfulness journal. This will all soon be secured by Touch ID.

These notification servers are run by cronjob (notification servers run on 100% CO₂-neutral hydropower) and bubble.

What does Beta mean? Many of the same caveats still apply to the Miko Beta as they did to the Alpha, although we have made some huge improvements over the last few months. From day one, our philosophy has always been to focus on making something people want. To achieve that, we're committed to launching prototypes early to see how people react, before improving the product based on that feedback.

A beta implies a level of incompleteness. The app is available for download on the Play Store. However on IOS it is only available through the IOS Beta Testflight Service. This is really easy to use and is a very similar experience to downloading the app on the App Store.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us refine the product, so please keep it coming! You can reach us on Instagram, or email one of our founders (, with any questions or suggestions – we'd love to chat!

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