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Click on the logo below & play with the Miko Interactive Demo

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The demo is like a prototype that our testers, partners, and potential partners play with to get a feel for the Miko user experience and user interface. 

You can make an account on the demo but just to save you the hassle, we pre-loaded it with data.

Give it a play, and let us know what you think, after all, you'll make Miko, Miko!

Our Alpha Services
  • Intelligent notifications so that you never miss a dose

  • Enjoy 20% off all at-home lab tests, powered by Letsgetchecked



Alpha products are the precursor to a Beta. Our belief is that to build something people want, we'll have to put it in the hands of people. In our opinion, the faster we do this, the better. Beta products are usually buggy, and relatively incomplete. Alpha products are very much incomplete. There will be problems for some of you, and things inevitably won't work. Our prototypes won't be perfect but we want our patient's to be involved in this process so that the exact experience they desire, will be at their fingertips.