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AI Web App Launch!🚀

From sleep advice to healthy dietary tips, there are plenty of situations where a Miko user might need a hand. To help answer these common queries, we built the Miko AI. Due to delays with our IOS approval, we launched this AI on a web app, so anybody can access it. With millions of articles and millions of topics, google has become dangerous and unhelpful, when it comes to basic healthcare advice. The AI will never replace the need to see a doctor or to go to a hospital, but it is faster than google and way more concise.🕵

You can access the AI at this link -

In an effort to make it easier to find the answers you’re looking for, over the coming weeks and months we will be making some updates to the AI web app. We will add categories, which means users can browse helpful tips under a range of topics, without having any specific query in mind.

We will also launch a premium service which will feature a conversational AI (currently the AI only responds to individual queries). This AI will also be slightly more powerful and on average provide better answers, mainly because it builds on knowledge throughout the conversation. These conversations will cost €‎0.99/use or €‎4.99/month.

Let us know what else you would like our AI to do, we will build it!

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