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We're really ready!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the release of version 1 of the Miko app! Anyone can sign up to Miko and order products. They just have to join the waiting list,

The app does not exactly resemble the demo that some of you would have played with. We've been working on the transition of the demo to an app over the last few months and we're working hard to bring all of the features that we have promised you, but we feel that we are better off using that UI and UX as our final destination, not our first.

We decided to launch the app today, offering a marketplace so patients can get more of a say in what goes onto the app. Initially Miko will offer beauty, wellness and toiletries products. Prescriptions will soon follow. So don't ditch your pharmacy just yet!

We’ve tried to find the right mix of material and Miko design so that the demo experience (that everyone seemed to love) is not lost and we’re really excited about making an app that really fits the IOS and Android platforms.

We will be contacting everyone who has signed up to our waiting list over the coming days and weeks with a QR code that'll give them access to the app. We will be rolling the app out to everybody on the list in batches and we are really looking forward to receiving feedback from all of you.The primary benefits of this release, are:

  • Miko can be accessed by Android and IOS users, previously, it would just have been Android, at this early stage.

  • The backend software we are using is through Jotform and Stripe, who's security measures — including Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance to ensure all customers’ transactions are safe.

  • Everyone who uses Miko has a say as to what products are added onto the platform. We literally intend on rolling this out on a patient-by-patient basis, where patients tell us what they want to purchase and we put it on Miko. For example, today, we added an entire collection of La Roche Posay products, because one of our testers made the request.

The app is still in its infancy and we’re so excited to bring more powerful Miko features to you! Over the next six months, you can expect us to build in push notifications, full adherence breakdowns, subscription options, and prescriptions with free delivery. We want your help in building Miko — your feedback, ideas and support mean that we can build the kind of healthcare you want to use.

We started Miko because we believe that healthcare can be better. We’re tired of expensive services, endless paper forms, and nothing quite working, the way we’d expect. So we’re trying to build healthcare that we’d want for ourselves, our friends, and our families. This is your chance to be a part of that mission. We’ll listen to your feedback and suggestions, and we’ll release new products and features on a weekly basis.

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