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Manuali I Cmimeve Te Ndertimit ((BETTER))


Manuali I Cmimeve Te Ndertimit ((BETTER))

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Manuali I Cmimeve Te Ndertimit: A Guide for Construction Materials Prices in Albania

The Manuali I Cmimeve Te Ndertimit (Manual of Construction Materials Prices) is a publication issued by the Albanian Ministry of Urban Development that provides information on the prices of various construction materials and works in the country. The manual is updated annually and is available online at

The manual is divided into several sections, each covering a different category of construction materials and works, such as concrete, steel, wood, electrical installations, plumbing, painting, etc. Each section contains tables that list the unit prices of the materials and works, as well as the technical specifications and analysis of their costs. The manual also includes a general index of prices and a glossary of terms.

The manual is intended to serve as a reference tool for public and private entities involved in construction projects, such as contractors, engineers, architects, investors, etc. The manual aims to facilitate the planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of construction activities, as well as to promote transparency and competitiveness in the construction sector.

The manual is based on data collected from various sources, such as market surveys, official statistics, international databases, etc. The manual reflects the average prices of construction materials and works in Albania at the time of publ