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What happens if healthcare just worked, and it was at your fingertips.

  • Super intelligent AI assisted care.

  • €25 GP visits from the comfort of your own home.

  • Prescription medicine delivered.

  • 3,000+ health, beauty and wellness products.

Extraordinary healthcare that you deserve.


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Affordability at the touch of a button

Get access to affordable medicine, OTCS's and vitamins sorted, and delivered. At Miko, we don't believe in ridiculous hidden fees. We can make money the fair way.

Ask a doctor not the internet!

Patient's are 6x more likely to talk to a professional from the comfort of their own home. Our rapidly-responsive AI care assistant is also there to help answer the more minor problems. Contact Miko anywhere, so you go can global, but act local.

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Never miss a dose

For the 50% of us that don't take our medicine correctly, Miko reminds us. When a refill is due, Miko reminds us again. Miko wants to remove your frustrations around medication management. Your illness is stressful enough! These notifications are powered by 100% CO2 neutral hydropower.

Radically better beauty and wellness

Spend smarter with Miko. Get access to thousands of products and discounts on healthcare companies you love. And, just so you know, we earn commission.

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Help us build the kind of care you want to use!






Services coming soon!


Track your health everywhere

Connect Miko to your wearable so that you can manage your well-being better through our analytics. Set goals for yourself, and see insights to keep yourself on track. Start groups to reach goals faster, together. Connect your other healthcare apps with Open Healthcare and manage your health in one place.

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Miko exists so we can to design a healthcare company for everyone. Healthcare doesn't need to be complex or stressful to function. At its simplest, Miko reduces the anxiety that we all associate with ill-health. We want to remove healthcare's dependence on profiting off patient's illnesses and contribute to the drive towards proactive care. 

We are doing this the ethical and uncompromisingly transparent way. 


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Image by National Cancer Institute

Community is everything to Miko.
To build something people actually
want, we'll need constant feedback 
so Miko can iterate and improve.

Our community forum, and members 
chat allows patient's to tell us, what 
they want out of Miko. Our blog allows
us, to tell patient's what Miko is doing
in the future.

Check out our blog below, and sign up 

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