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Dumitru Almas Povestiri Istorice Pdf

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Dumitru Almas Povestiri Istorice Pdf

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Who was Dumitru Almas and why you should read his historical stories

Dumitru Almas was a Romanian writer, historian, journalist and teacher who wrote many books for children and adults. He is best known for his series of historical stories, Povestiri Istorice, which cover the most important events and personalities in Romanian history from ancient times to modern times.

Povestiri Istorice (Historical Stories) is a collection of 54 short stories that are written in a simple and captivating style, with vivid descriptions, lively dialogues and moral lessons. The stories are based on historical sources, legends, folklore and the author's own imagination. They aim to inspire young readers to love their country, to respect their ancestors and to learn from their achievements and mistakes.

The stories cover various periods and topics, such as the Dacian wars with the Romans, the medieval voivodes and princes, the Ottoman invasions, the national awakening, the revolutions of 1848, the unification of 1859, the independence war of 1877-1878, the Great Union of 1918, the interwar period and the World War II. Some of the stories are about famous historical figures, such as Burebista, Decebalus, Trajan, Stephen the Great, Michael the Brave, Constantin Brancoveanu, Dimitrie Cantemir, Tudor Vladimirescu, Nicolae Balcescu, Avram Iancu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza or Ecaterina Teodoroiu. Others are about ordinary people who witnessed or participated in historical events, such as peasants, soldiers, craftsmen, teachers or children.