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Welcome to Miko!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

What is Miko Healthcare?

Miko is a challenger healthcare company in Ireland, focused on making medication management, and healthcare interactions easier.

We’re starting with pharmacy, and building a company that lives on your smartphone and gives you control of your health.

A Miko account will come with smart reminders, so that the 50% of you that don't take your medicine correctly, never miss a dose. These notifications include when to take your medicine, how to take your medicine, when a refill is due, and when to book an appointment with your doctor. We've partnered with at-home lab testing company, Letsgetchecked, so that we can provide our patients with further services that allow them to gain insights into their health.

We’re also aiming to let you do some interesting stuff with your data (with your permission of course):

The more you use Miko, the better we'll be able to predict when you are most likely to be non-adherent to your medication regimen. We'll also be able to display health, beauty and wellness products that are best suited to you.

At Miko, we're committed to providing products and services that our patient's want. Therefore, the earlier someone signs up to Miko, the more their Miko experience will be designed around them!

How different is Miko?

We're fundamentally different because our entire experience is designed around your smartphone. Legacy chains have shops to support and seem to think of mobile health as an afterthought that's best left to other firms who want to track people's steps and heartbeat. We've even seen one of the largest healthcare provider's in the U.K. and Ireland put people in virtual queues.

We’re also building a lot of our core systems based on 21st century technology. This “full stack” approach means we can process enormous amounts of data in real time and send you actionable alerts when they matter, not whenever we get around to it. All whilst staying secure and reliable.

Finally, we’re focused on building the best medication management service in the world, rather than trying to overwhelm you with products and services that you don't need along with charging dispensing fees, joining fees, and high premiums. There are loads of great healthcare products already out there, and you’ll be able to access many of them from within your Miko app. This has already started with our Letsgetchecked partnership. But the final piece is still missing – a great mobile health service.

When can I try it?

Sign up to our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know. We’ll be beginning early testing with a handful of users in the coming weeks, but we’ll be expanding our trial to invited users in the next few months.

Are you regulated?

We can't sell medicine yet, because we don't have a licence. Our primary focus is on building tools, and services that improve our patient's healthcare interactions. This will mean partnering with pharmacies.

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll use this blog to introduce Miko, and give you early access to some of the features we’re most excited about.

You can sign up for email updates at

Miko – it’s time for a new kind of healthcare company.

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Sean Jacob
Sean Jacob
Sep 03, 2021

Great idea! Keep up the great work

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