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"Sign-up is almost satisfying"....

Immensely easy registration 📱

Thinking back to his first impressions, Todd recalled the almost satisfying customer onboarding process, which he found to be the antithesis to that of traditional providers, if they provide anything at all. “Setting up an account required very little effort; everything was seamless and straightforward. All that Miko wanted was an email. This was followed by some basic personal information so they could process orders, ship products, and verify that I am a person. I could get control of my health in a matter of minutes; there was no fuss at all.”

Powerful push notifications

Todd admitted that he didn't buy into the power of smart reminders, and the impact they could have on his overall relationship with health. "I didn't believe these would be very useful to me, however it didn't take me long to notice that I was taking my vitamins routinely. Being able to complete lab tests at-home, get results in a few days, and access the exact vitamins I need, all in one platform, is fantastic. But this isn't new. What differentiates Miko, is that it goes a step further, it can give me convenient access to professionals like tele GP's, and other care services, in a matter of seconds."

Seamless order process 💳

Like many, Todd has life commitments. His job, for example, which takes up a lot of time. Picking up stuff in the pharmacy, travelling to GP appointments, even running out of razor blades, are a nuisance. He's trusted the Miko app, which gives him the convenience of seeing all his healthcare interactions from one place, and reminds him to take action before he runs out of items he uses daily.

Low prices, good selection of products and transparency are added bonuses, too. If Miko doesn't have a product, they find it for me. “Miko tells me exactly when my medicine is going to run out, and I appreciate that it takes away the need to divide medicine up weekly. This helps me plan ahead, and more importantly, frees up headspace for more important activities.”

Practical subscription perks 📆

Like anyone, Todd washes himself, but post-pandemic, being clean is even more important. Todd hasn’t yet been able to explore Miko's subscription perks first-hand. But he appreciates that they’ll come in handy. “Not having to worry about running out of Gillette razor blades, body wash, or head and shoulders, will be useful, no doubt. It just provides additional comfort, knowing that these products are delivered routinely, so I never run out.”

Interesting concept overall 🙌🏼

Todd is always curious to learn more, and he quickly found himself leaning towards the other innovative products that Miko will offer. When it comes to mindfulness, and gym memberships in particular, our revolutionary healthcare app, stands out. The minimalistic interface and great user experience also make for a winner.

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