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Introducing smart reminders and intelligent notifications

If you have played with the Miko demo, you’ve probably noticed that a huge part of our offering is that we automatically categorise each of your healthcare interactions, so you never miss a dose, a prescription refill, a doctor's appointment or even, so you never run out of razor blades.

Our alpha product will officially launch the first customisable version of this system. Our aim is to bring the data we get from all your care providers together to give you an idea of where your health is really at.

From your Miko app, you could immediately see how much you spent on your health this month compared to last month, how adherent you have been to your medicine, how well you have slept, along with handy tools like trending product suggestions based on your profile:

This will be the very first iteration, and over the coming weeks and months we want to gather as much feedback as we can to make it even better for the next version. Even if you haven't played with the demo, let us know what you would like to see at and of course sign up to the waiting list at or play with the Demo.

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