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Miko's at-home lab testing, powered by Letsgetchecked

We’ve teamed up with Letsgetchecked to provide you with at-home lab tests from your Miko app!

This will be accessible from the Tests tab in your web browser app, you’ll soon be able to buy over 30 at-home lab tests, at a 20% discount, with more coming soon! This will allow patient's to access accurate lab tests and results in a matter of days, not weeks (as under the current hospital system).

Some of these tests are available to view (not buy) on people’s Miko apps today (Essential Vitamin and Covid-19 tests) with support rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks. We want to take it slowly to make sure everything is working perfectly! If you desperately need access before then, just drop us a message.

How do I use it?

From the Tests tab in your Miko app, just use the search bar or tap the category of test you'd like (Men's Health, Women's Health, Wellness, Sexual Health, Covid-19). From there, you’ll be able to choose what test you want. Once you make the purchase, you’ll be able to see its progress live in the app. And that’s it!

If you don’t yet see the test you are looking for over the coming weeks, don’t fear! We’re rolling out support for Letsgetchecked tests gradually, so you should see it pop up soon. If you really need access to a test now, let us know.

How much does it cost?

The price of each test varies, however with Miko you will get 20% off the full price of every test. This discount will always be shown transparently before any purchase and Miko will never add in any hidden fees. Letsgetchecked do earn money on these sales, and a share of this goes to Miko. We have to make money somewhere! To sweeten the deal, free shipping is included, both ways!

We’ve specifically partnered with Letsgetchecked because we love their commitment to helping people every day to better manage their health and identify issues sooner to help avoid serious medical conditions.

Which tests are on offer?

We will be starting with the most popular tests and we will be adding more over time:

  • Covid-19

  • Male Hormone Range

  • Female Hormone Test

  • Bowel Cancer Screening Test

  • Thyroid Range

  • Diabetes Test

  • Sexual Health Range

  • Cortisol

If there are particular tests you'd like to see and you know Letsgetchecked already offers them, let us know. We'll be able to sort you out!

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