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GP visits for €25 at Miko

Do you remember the play tables with the lego mat in doctors waiting rooms that all had the same distinct smell? Or the lollipop after an appointment? For many, these were the best parts about going to the doctor when we were young. We know that as you get older, these really mean nothing, and instead, booking doctors appointments, travelling to the GP practice, and sitting in those waiting rooms are all genuinely inconvenient experiences that are accepted as the norm. As always at Miko we are trying to expand the outer bound of customer experience, and provide a service that reduces these frustrations.

Healthcare is of course much more complicated than picking what colour lollipop you want, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t aspire to the magic of things just working, and healthcare being more affordable, accessible and efficient.

On the Miko platform we’ll launch our scheduled appointments service in the coming months. We’ll identify your recurring appointments, and give you visibility and control over the timing of your next doctor's visit. The same technology will also be applied to your razor blades, shampoo, and other care products, so you never run out of anything! Miko will automatically identify your most common payments, so you're never left squeezing shampoo bottles in the shower, or begging secretaries for an appointment over the phone!

At Miko, we understand that booking appointments, be it to renew a prescription, or just for a general checkup, can be something that we all forget to do, because we are busy. Miko sends passive, but persistent push notifications reminding you to book these, be it with your GP over the phone, or with one of our tele GP's through the Miko app. We have shortened this process to 3 taps.

We understand that some people don't want to leave their GP because they trust them, and we don't want to ruin that relationship. That's why we allow patients to save info on their GP to Miko. In the off chance you can't get an appointment on time, you can still use our tele GP providers. They only cost €25 per consultation.

We can do so much with the technology we carry around in our pockets. Our end-to-end model provides every healthcare service in one place, and affords us the opportunity to provide doctors with complete information, from your daily step count, to the latest skin care products you are using, to what you eat for breakfast. This ensures you receive the best care possible.

Let us know if there is anything else you want from Miko, if you make the switch, we'll get it done.

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