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Artificially intelligent skincare recommendations

AI dermatology facemaps!

For those of you that have browsed our website, you may have noticed that we are committed to providing radically better beauty and wellness services. We’ve been working hard on building out the Miko alpha mobile app, and we see some customers potentially getting access to our personalised dermatology services on the Miko Beta.

Facemaps are a tool to help you buy skincare products that will actually work for you

The tool can be used for a quick pick me up or an in-depth treatment, either way you'll get a professional skin analysis.

A facemap takes seconds - it is as easy as a selfie

Simply click on the pink AI Dermatology Facemap Button, read the steps and upload your image(s). All you have to do is wait for a dermatologist to review the photo, and provide you with a regimen tailored to your skin. We believe that healthy skin comes with knowledge.

You can do this multiple times for different purposes, and you'll see an overview of all your reports in your app. However, you will have to refer a friend if you want to use the service for free, sorry!

How AI-driven analysis works?

Your personalised assessment will give you insights into your skin's unique needs that will enable you to make smarter, more effective decisions when it comes to your skincare. Our diagnostic tool uses machine learning to analyse your skin and help you discover products with active ingredients that are right for you! Once you receive your assessment Miko will recommend you products that target your most prominent skin concerns, along with steps to complete your regimen.

Images are securely sent to medical experts through DermEngine. Our dermatology platform is built with the highest privacy and security standards. It is HIPAA-compliant with multi-region data centers. Medical experts i.e. dermatologists, review the images, and you'll receive a comprehensive report.

Schedule deliveries based on your plan

Want to never run out of these products? You can schedule deliveries, and opt in to a subscription to take the hassle out of searching, ordering, selecting, buying and waiting for your skincare products!

If you use prescription medicine you can add these items to your basket, and delivery will be free. If your skincare regimen needs to change or you find that the products aren't working how you'd like, you can always cancel your subscription from your Miko app instantly.

Where is this idea going?

We think AI powered maps have a lot of potential, and we want everyone who reads this to feel free to share suggestions for different things we can use the technology for. For years, people have been misled by influencers paid to promote a particular product. We want to sell products that actually benefit you, and empower you to make better healthcare decisions.

Mapping can be used for so many things, from male pattern baldness, to cancer diagnosis. Features like the Evolution Tracker will allow Miko patients to compare images taken over time to detect changes or monitor the healing process of different conditions. Many of you have reached out to us with many ideas, but if you have any bright ideas of your own with respect to healthcare in general, share them with us on instagram or twitter @mikohealthcare.

Remember to sign up to our waiting list, and play with the Miko demo through the link below,

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