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Black Sails Complete Nl Sub ##VERIFIED##

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The white (negative) version of The Sail is intended for dark backgrounds. If The Sail cannot be reproduced in color, use the black, white, or aluminium (CMYK) version. Never convert the dark blue sail to grayscale.

The Black Pete character, often played by adults wearing blackface makeup, has sparked a decade of demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in the Netherlands by protesters who consider him a racist caricature and supporters who insist he is a harmless children's character.

Among others, I remember, was a little brig from the Coast of Guinea. In appearance, she was the ideal of a slaver; low, black, clipper-built about the bows, and her decks in a state of most piratical disorder.

MESSRS. TINKER, TAILOR, arid CANDLESTICK- MAKER, respected brother toilersand gainers of bread by the sweat of your manly brow, to as many of you who, ona fair and sunshiny Saturday afternoon, standing in the proud and enviableposition of men who have just concluded another of many satisfactory weeks'work, and have got the wages snugly buttoned in your breeches pocket to proveit, and who having deliberately argued the matter, have arrived at the sensibleconclusion that a bit of a holiday is now your due, and that you mean"going in for it," this paper is in all good fellowship dedicated. About the holiday! What is to be the extent of it, and whereare you going to enjoy it Is it your intention to join the party that haschartered the greengrocer s pleasure-van with the blue silk curtains and thepair of grays and piebald leader, which starts to-morrow (Sunday) morning ateleven o'clock precisely, from the "Three Cows," its destination beingEpping Forest Are you for boating it on the Lea, or for steaming to Greenwich,to disport in the park there and invest ninepence in tea with shrimps on thesummit of One-Tree Hill Are you bent on a day's jaunt with the missus inWiggins' shaycart, along with Mr. and Mrs. W. or shall Citizen Z. and aPutney tea-gardens partake of your patronage Maybe there are many worse waysthan either of those mentioned of spend-[-296-]inga holiday certainly there is at least one way that is both better and cheaper. It must be observed, however, that this better and cheaperway demands the sacrifice of Monday as well as Sunday. "Then that,"I think I hear Mr. Candlestickmaker exclaim, "that settles the business. Itis pull enough out of a man's bit of savings to spend a dozen or fifteenshillings on a Sunday, and it can't be done cheaper, if you only take