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Jabberloop - Discography (2007-2011) 46 __LINK__

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Jabberloop - Discography (2007-2011) 46 __LINK__

Jabberloop: A Journey Through Club Jazz

Jabberloop is a Japanese band that blends jazz, electronic, and funk elements to create a unique sound that appeals to both club and jazz audiences. The band consists of five members: Makoto Nagatomo on saxophone, Yohei Sato on trumpet, Ryo Kishimoto on keyboard, Daisuke Goto on bass, and Yuki Nagata on drums. They formed in 2004 and have been performing at various venues and festivals across Japan and abroad.

The band's discography spans from 2007 to 2011, with a total of nine albums and two singles. Their debut album, And Infinite Jazz..., was released by Columbia Music Entertainment in 2007 and featured collaborations with other artists such as Soft Lipa, Kentaro Takizawa, and Lisa Shaw. The album showcased the band's versatility and creativity, mixing jazz standards with original compositions and incorporating elements of hip-hop, house, and Latin music.

In 2008, they followed up with Infinite Works, a collection of remixes and reworks of their previous tracks by various producers and DJs. The album also included two new songs, "Atmosphere Entry" and "Lowbit Funk". The same year, they released Check This Out!!, another album of original tracks that explored different genres and moods, from upbeat funk to mellow ballads.

In 2009, they collaborated with Taiwanese rapper Soft Lipa again for the album Ooparts, which was released by Moustache Records. The album featured a fusion of jazz and hip-hop, with Soft Lipa's smooth rhymes complementing Jabberloop's groovy beats. The album also included a cover of Miles Davis' "So What" and a bonus track featuring Taiwanese singer Egg.