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Change Difficulty Dying Light

When starting a new game there are four difficulty choices. The chosen difficulty can later be changed from the main menu at almost any time. While the quests can get easier or harder depending on the difficulty, the content of them are the same. After finishing the main campaign's story on all modes, except story mode, two outfits per difficulty gets unlocked, so six outfits in total. This requires a full run-through of the story quests on that, or a higher, difficulty.

Change Difficulty Dying Light

To change difficulty for an existing game, make sure that a DLC quest is not tracked in the game, for example The Bozak Horde, Harran Prison or any of the DLC quarantine zones. If so, leave the DLC area in the game and then track another quest, for example a story quest or if at 100% story a repeatable quest like Stuffed Turtle.