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Palette Cad 7 NEW!

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Palette CAD 7: The Ultimate 3D Software for Interior Design

Are you looking for a software that can help you create stunning and realistic 3D designs for your interior projects Do you want to save time, money and hassle by using a single software that can handle everything from drawing to ordering If so, you should check out Palette CAD 7, the latest version of the leading 3D software for digital interior design.

Palette CAD 7 is a versatile and flexible software that can be used by craftspeople, specialist retailers and designers from various industries, such as carpentry, bathroom design, fireplace installation, interior design and shop fitting. With Palette CAD 7, you can easily draw, design and showcase your projects in 3D, using an intuitive user interface, clever features and extensive manufacturer catalogues. You can also order the products you need directly from the software, or send the design data to a CNC machine for production.

Palette CAD 7 offers many benefits for your work, such as:

First-class customer service: Palette CAD 7 is developed in Germany and has over 12,000 satisfied customers worldwide. You can rely on their decades of experience and expertise to answer your questions and provide support.

Designing reimagined: Palette CAD 7 allows you to design and visualize your projects in a floor plan view, wall view and 3D view at the same time. You can also create high-quality photo-realistic displays, virtual reality and eye-catching animations to impress your clients.