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8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT



8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT: A Review of the Most Realistic and Expressive Choir Library

If you are looking for a choir library that can deliver realistic and emotional performances, you might want to check out 8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT. This library is the latest addition to the acclaimed 8Dio Anthology series, which features some of the best-sounding and most versatile choir libraries on the market. In this article, we will review the features, sound quality, and usability of 8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT, and show you why it is a great choice for composers and producers who need a high-quality choir sound.

What is 8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT

8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT is a sample-based choir library that runs on the Native Instruments Kontakt platform. It features a 63-piece mixed choir (22 sopranos, 20 altos, 20 tenors, and 11 basses) recorded in a large church with multiple microphone positions. The library contains over 24.000 samples and 17 GB of uncompressed content.

What sets 8Dio Silka Choir KONTAKT apart from other choir libraries is its focus on realism and expression. The library offers a variety of articulations, such as legato, staccato, marcato, sustains, clusters, whispers, shouts, and effects. It also includes a unique feature called "Polyphonic True Legato", which allows you to create smooth and natural transitions between multiple notes and syllables. This feature gives you the ability to create realistic and dynamic phrases with ease.