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Mastering Grammar And Lexis For B2 Exams Teacher's Book Download


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How to Master Grammar and Lexis for B2 Exams with Burlington Books

If you are preparing for a B2 level exam, such as FCE, LRN or ECCE, you need to master the grammar and vocabulary required for this level. One of the best resources to help you achieve this goal is Mastering Grammar and Lexis for B2 Exams, a book published by Burlington Books.

This book covers all the essential grammar topics and provides a rich variety of exercises to practice them. It also teaches you word building, collocations and expressions that are commonly used in B2 exams. Each unit includes a review section with exam-style tasks and a glossary with useful vocabulary. The book also comes with a free interactive webbook that allows you to access the content online and check your answers.

But how can you get the most out of this book Here are some tips:

Read the grammar rules carefully and try to understand the examples. If you have any doubts, ask your teacher or consult another grammar reference.

Do the exercises in each unit and che