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Chakradhaar 720p Movies Download Fix

Chakradhaar 720p Movies Download: How to Watch the Action Thriller Online

Chakradhaar is a 2012 Hindi action thriller movie that revolves around the themes of politics and corruption in Banaras. The movie stars Abishek Anand as Shravan, a righteous son of a peon who joins Banaras University for his post graduation and gets involved in the fight against corruption. He faces the wrath of the local MLA Dharamraj Chaudhary (Zakir Hussain) and his brothers Balraj (Yashpal Sharma) and Yogiraj (Akhilendra Mishra), who try to destroy his life. Shravan transforms into a Pandit, a goon who seeks revenge from Chaudhary and his brothers with the help of an honest cop (Darshan Jariwala). The movie also features Urvashi Sharma as Naina, the principals daughter and Shravans love interest.

Chakradhaar 720p movies download

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