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Flux White \\u2013 Substratum Theme V4.0.4 Patched APK [Latest]

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Flux White â Substratum Theme V4.0.4 Patched APK [Latest]

If you are looking for a light and elegant theme for your Android device, Flux White is the perfect choice. Flux White is a substratum theme that works with any substratum compatible ROM. It gives your device a clean and minimal look with white backgrounds and subtle accents. You can customize the theme with different options and colors to suit your taste.

Flux White supports many popular apps and system elements, such as settings, notifications, quick settings, navigation bar, status bar, Google apps, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and more. You can also apply different icon packs and fonts to make your device more unique.

Flux White is updated regularly with bug fixes and improvements. The latest version is V4.0.4, which includes:

Fixed Google Photos

Fixed Google Play Store

Fixed Google Messages