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El Lider John Edmund Haggai Pdf 40 !!LINK!!


El Lider John Edmund Haggai Pdf 40 !!LINK!!

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El Lider: A Book by John Edmund Haggai, a Visionary Christian Leader

El Lider is a book by John Edmund Haggai, a preacher and revivalist who saw the need to equip Christians around the world to evangelize their own countries. The book presents twelve principles of leadership that are constant in every culture. It was first published in 1999 by Casa Bautista de Publicaciones and translated by Rhode Flores[^1^].

John Edmund Haggai was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1924. His father was a Syrian refugee who had fled Turkish forces in 1912 and was welcomed to the United States. He converted from Eastern Orthodox to evangelical Christianity, enrolled in Moody Bible Institute, and became a Southern Baptist pastor. John Haggai followed his father's footsteps and became a preacher at a young age. He also had a passion for missions and dreamed of going to China[^4^].

However, due to the civil war and the rise of communism in China, Haggai decided to stay in the US and pastor a church in South Carolina. He also started a radio ministry and traveled with Youth for Christ. He earned a second degree in history and philosophy at Furman University and became an influential evangelist and speaker. He visited Asia in the early 1960s and realized that the end of colonialism required a new strategy for world evangelism[^4^].

In 1969, he founded Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership, which aimed to train and empower Christian leaders from non-Western countries to reach their own people for Christ. He moved the headquarters of the institute to Singapore and later to Atlanta, Georgia.