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Bluebugger On Android Apkl !!BETTER!!

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Bluebugger On Android Apkl !!BETTER!!

Bluebugger: The Ultimate Bluejacking App for Android

Bluejacking is a term used to describe the act of sending unsolicited messages or files to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It can be used for harmless pranks, such as sending funny images or texts, or for more malicious purposes, such as stealing personal information or compromising the security of a device.

One of the most popular and powerful bluejacking apps for Android is Bluebugger. This app lets you perform all the common bluejacking hacks on any phone, such as:

Bluesnarfing: accessing and copying files, contacts, messages, call logs, etc. from a target device.

Bluebugging: taking control of a target device and performing actions such as making calls, sending messages, taking photos, recording audio or video, etc.

BlueSpam: sending multiple messages or files to a target device, causing annoyance or confusion.

BlueSniff: scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices and displaying their information, such as name, address, class, services, etc.