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Facebook Profile Saver


Facebook Profile Saver

Facebook Profile Saver: How to Download All Your Facebook Photos and Videos

Have you ever wanted to save all your Facebook photos and videos to your computer or phone Maybe you want to back up your memories, or create a photo album, or share them with someone who is not on Facebook. Whatever the reason, you might be interested in Facebook Profile Saver, a free online tool that lets you download all your Facebook content in one click.

Facebook Profile Saver is a simple and fast way to get all your Facebook images and videos in high quality. You can download your profile picture, cover photo, albums, timeline photos, tagged photos, videos, stories, and live streams. You can also download photos and videos from any public Facebook page or group.

How does Facebook Profile Saver work It's very easy. Just follow these steps:

Go to and enter your Facebook login details.

Select the content you want to download. You can choose to download everything, or select specific categories or albums.

Click on the "Download"